April 2020:

Whilst we are required to social distance, VOX sessions are continuing as scheduled each week...just online instead!

Mar 2020:

The group absolutely smashed the gig at Chapel Arts Centre - awesome job. Check out the videos in our gallery!

Jan 2020:

Lots planned for the year - including gigs at Chapel Arts Centre and a visit to the recording studio. Free trial sessions are available for new members - just complete an enquiry form to arrange this. The new term started with an awesome vocal workshop with professional singer Bindy Baker!

Dec 2019: 

VOX performed at the Bath Christmas Market - drawing a large crowd to listen to their festive tunes!

June 2019:

VOX spent some time filming in the city in front of one of Bath's beautiful backdrops. Check out the video here

May 2019:

VOX absolutely smashed it at the Party In The City in Bath!

December 2018:

VOX attracted a huge crowd with their performance of Christmas songs and recent tracks at the Bath Christmas Market!

November 2018:

Members of VOX Pop & Soul Choir have been into the recording studio and have just released two songs - I'll Be There (Jess Glynne) and Rise (Jonas Blue) - to raise money for local charity Dorothy House. Please download the tracks direct from itunes!

April 2018 :

We're very excited to announce that professional singer Gabby Violante will be joining the VOX coaching team! Gabby will be sharing her expertise of being an amazing and dynamic vocalist with the group on a regular basis. Check out how good she is here on the track 'Faith' and in the video below singing with VOX during a rehearsal: